How To...Post a News Article.

To post you must be a registered user; and you must be logged in to the site.

On the left menu - mouse over "Local News" and then choose "Submit Article" from the pop-out sub menu. The "Submit News" article editor will load.

Enter the title of your article in the first field. Try to make it a short sentence about the topic of your article.

From the "Topic" drop-down, choose the category your article will be listed under. Your choices are:
- News from you.
- Event Coverage.
- Press Releases.

Use the Editor and Toolbox next to "The Scoop" to enter a summary statement or introduction to your article.

Use the Editor and Toolbox next to "Extended Text" to enter the body of your article.

If you wish to attach a file with your article, use the "Choose File" button and then browse to the file you wantto include.

You can specify a date and time for your article to start and expired if desired, other wise the default setting are OK to leave as they are.

The "Preview" button at the bottom of the form will reload the article editor with a sample copy of your news article at the top of the page above the editor.

If all is well, click the "Post" button at the bottom of the editor to submit your article. If changes or additional editing is required, make the desired changes to your article in the editor and then repeat the preview and post operations.

To add a picture to your article - Place the Cursor at the place in the article's body where the picture should go. (Hint: this works best on a new blank line above or below a paragraph.)
- Use the Image Manager.
In the Image Manager window:
- Choose a News category from the drop-down menu at the top left.
- Click the "Add Image File" link at the top right.
- Enter a unique name for your picture file.
- Click the "Choose File" button and browse to the file on your computer that you want to include with your article.
- Click the "Submit" button to send your picture to the news article server.
Note: your picture must not be larger that the stated width and height of 800 pixels by 800 pixels and no larger than 500Kb file size.
- Choose the News article category from the drop-down menu again.
- Now browse down the lost of pictures until you find your image.
- At the right of the image click one of the three insert buttons to insert your image "Aligned Left", "Center Justified" or "Aligned Right."
- Use the Preview and Post button at the bottom of the form to check and submit your article.

To add a YouTube video to your article:
- Place the Cursor on a new line above or below a Paragraph in your article body.
- Use the "YouTube" button in the editor tool bar.
- Paste the "YouTube URL" for your video and click "OK".

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